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Welcome to the Official Website of Malaysia Honda Odyssey Owners Club - RB1/2 Press Release

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Honda Odyssey RB1

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High Torque and Low Fuel Consumption from Low Speed Range 2.4L DOHC i-VTEC(118Kw [160ps] /218Nm [22.2 Kg m](Type S, M and L)

The Odyssey's i-VTEC engine is a combination of Honda's VTEC(Variable Valve Timing and Electronic Lift Control) with VTC(Valve Timing Control), to optimise intake valve timing in response to engine load. The 2.4-liter engine combines high torque and high fuel economy with low emissions capable of meeting Euro-4 emission standards. Power output is a more than adequate 160ps and the torque figure is an equally respectable 218Nm. Which means swift progress can be enjoyed effortlessly at the tap of the accelerator.
During the low RPM operations, i-VTEC mechanism halts one of the two intake valves to a respectable highly efficient combustion of 12.2Km / L(10.15 Mode)



"Ultra Low Emission" significantly below than the authorized level


High Torque and Highest Power Output 2.4L DOHC i-VTEC(147Kw [200ps] /232Nm [23.7 Kg m](Absolute)

A combination of VTC on the adopted mechanism VTEC to the intake and exhaust, to control continuously depending on engine load phase of the intake valve timing, the core i-VTEC system Valve Timing and Lift Intelligence, high by applying the tuning of the intake and exhaust system further, high combustion efficiency throughout. 147KW [200PS] / 232N-M [23.7Kg-M] ※ with an overwhelming performance with sharp response from the drive-by-wire technology. Also excellent environmental performance, (10.15 mode) 11.0km / L Moreover ※ with to achieve low fuel consumption - certified "excellent low-emission".





The onboard Sensor Control coupled with Linear A/F sensor in high precision air fuel control with high atomizing injectors results in cleaner burning fuel. The heat loss is minimized by using low-heat mass exhaust pipe which maximizes the effect of the catalyctic converter.

-Exhaust System Diagram

Strong Acceleration with 7 Speed CVT(Type S, M, L)
A newly developed 7 Speed CVT mated to the 118Kw[160PS] to achieve full utilization of engine power and fuel efficiency. ECON mode allows low fuel consumption at very low engine speed.

The Torque Converter Provides Crisp Response

The torque converter has a high response and strong starting acceleration. It delivers smooth acceleration on demand and provides lower fuel consumption throughout the rpm range.

-Acceleration Diagram

ECON Mode that Allows High Fuel Efficiency by Keeping Low Engine Speeds
ECON Mode allows fuel efficiency driving by lowering the optimal engine speed. This feature controls the engine, CVT, air conditioners to an extensive torque converter lockup area to increase fuel efficiency while driving.


Enjoy the S-Matic 5-speed manual(Absolute)
Adopt the S-Matic allows manual gear shifting operations of the senses to the right from D by selecting the select lever position. The cooperative control and DBW, has been both to reduce shift shock and improved response