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Welcome to the Official Website of Malaysia Honda Odyssey Owners Club - Honda Odyssey Catalog

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Honda Odyssey Catalog

Written by Raja Faizal. Posted in The Car

Honda Odyssey Catalog for RA1 - RB4


 Here is the catalog for the Honda Odyssey from the legendary RA1 to the latest RB4 model. 

Thanks to Petot for the article.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the article.

Click Here to view

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Honda Odyssey RB1

Written by Super User. Posted in The Car










Honda Japan Odyssey Factbook Odyssey Press Information


This fact book is based on Honda Japan Odyssey Factbook Odyssey Press Informatione only and owned by Honda Japan Ltd.


Core Technology

Innovation in low overall height with low center of gravity by utilizing low floor platform and clear space

The Honda Odyssey utilizes and innovative low floor platform with new exhaust system layout(3) and placement of the fuel tank(1) and rear suspension(2) under the floor.

This results with an impressive lower height of 1,550mm while having  more interior height compared to the previous model.

All of these results in a lower overall height, center of gravity that promotes excellent stability.





The Technology to Achieve Lower Floor Platform


 Flat Plastic Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is a completely flat plastic mould which have been reinforced at four locations. This design allows the same 65 litres as the previous model. The fuel tank is placed under the second-row seat and this contribute significantly for lower center of gravity. 

 Redesigned Active Link Double Wishbone Suspension

The rear suspension uses a compact design for space-efficiency while maintaining high stability and comfort. 


 Compact and Thin Flat Twin Chamber Silencers

The flat twin silencers has been placed under the luggage floor. The new design contributes to improved quietness and high output while maintaining low emission standards. 

* Note :This fact book is based on Honda Japan Odyssey Factbook Odyssey Press Information dated 17th October 2003. All the contents are for informational purpose only and content ownership belongs to Honda Japan Ltd.




Innovation in Achieving Optimum Space Efficiency

With ground breaking platform technology, the Honda Odyssey takes you to a whole new world of driving experience.
Featuring an ultra-low platform technology, Honda has redefined the interior space of an MPV through space-saving technical innovations in the engine, suspension, petrol tank and exhaust system design. The overall height of the car is decreased by 80mm, greater visibility and accessibility to height-constrained parking facilities. Now the Honda Odyssey truly defies conventions with its sporty trimmings while retaining the same performance-driven technology. 



Ultra Low Platform for Multi-Storey Parking

The overall height is 80mm lower compared tothe previous model, which allows to fit into the general parking structure. Despite in the reduced overall height, the interior height is increased to 5mm. In addition, a shortened nose is achieavable with a more compact engine. Despite a shorter body length of 10mm, the Odyssey have extended length of 50mm of interior room. This allows a generous cabin that can comfortably fit 3-row with seven occupants.


Less Proturding Lower Flat Luggage Space


The wider floor luggage space is achieavable with the new plastic fuel tank, compact rear suspension and flat silencers. With the floor is 90mm above the ground, unloading luggage is made easier as compared to the previous model. A maximum of 1,052 Liters of space is achievable with all seats stowed into the floor. 

 Motorized Power Tailgate System(Factory Installed Option on Type L)


The tailgate can be controlled via operation switch on the instrument panel and the remote control keyless entry system. 

Ingenious Utility and Space






Feel free to make a variety of different seating arrangements with a simple operation

The second row seater is equipped with a walk in mechanism for easy access to the third row seater. 

The electronically-assisted third-row seats tuck away neatly into the floorboard at the touch of a button while the second row double-fold to allow them to be stored flat - adding up to a cavernous luggage space of more that 1000 liters.




* Note :This fact book is based on Honda Japan Odyssey Factbook Odyssey Press Information dated 17th October 2003. All the contents are for informational purpose only and content ownership belongs to Honda Japan Ltd.


Comfortable Quality Space

An Innovative and Functional Cockpit, a Relaxing and Elegant Area with a High Quality Interior

The sophisticated fusion of cozy living room and ease of use using dynamic modelling is applied around the driver's seat. The design emphasize on ease of use, high visibility from the center panel to the instrument panel and door trims. Titanium panels and wooden grain panels add to the high quality interior finish. 





Two Toned Wrapped Instrument Panel


The design incorporates Titanium-tone panel around the center, in a smooth arc while the instrument panel has a smooth, two-tone wrap-around design. Woodgrain panels and lower part of the upper panels are of titanium tone.The deep front emphasizing the sense of increase in speeed and openness further highlights the ride quality. In addition, titanium tone panels are arranged in all three rows and woodgrain panels up to the door linings and pockets etc., are made into a warm space with bright colors. (Rear door panel woodgrain is, L, standard on Absolute)

Nightime Blue Illumination

The first column, third row seat in the cup holder and the foot of the second-row seats, there are LED lighting established in conjunction with the small light blue lamp. The first column have the same color to the room lamp LED lighting for second-row seats (with ON / OFF switch) provides gentle illumination.

Photo: L (FF) vehicles equipped with factory-installed option


Photo: Absolute (FF) vehicles equipped with factory-installed option

Adjustable Driver's Seat


The driver's seat comes with an adjustable 8-way power seat(Standard on Type L). The Drivers position can be adjusted by simply manipulating the lever up and down the the console. 

Optional Recaro Seats available for Absolute Model.

Self Illuminating Meter Cluster
The self illuminating meter on the Honda Odyssey shows a stylish and vision-friendly design. When the driver side door is opened, the lights around the meter will slowly lit up. It also features a bar graph to show instant fuel consumption.

Triple Control Zone Full Auto Air Conditioner

(Manufacturer's option on Type M, Standard Option on Type L and Absolute)

Each equipped with a full auto air conditioning front and rear. In addition, the front has left and right independent temperature control and expression. This, because it enables you to use a temperature setting independently in the three zones of the first column, 3 row seat / 2 seat passenger / driver seat, respond effectively to suit the taste or the number of occupants.

■ airflow Figure


Temperature control of the rear seat can dial-in and one controller left and right front, but also enhances operability. In addition, M and S is the Absolute standard full auto air conditioning front + rear manual air conditioning, front full auto air conditioners. In addition, the increased cooling efficiency inside the roof  adopted effective insulation material for all types, in the car CVT has also contributed to the low fuel consumption by coordination with the ECON mode control.



High Torque and Low Fuel Consumption from Low Speed Range 2.4L DOHC i-VTEC(118Kw [160ps] /218Nm [22.2 Kg m](Type S, M and L)

The Odyssey's i-VTEC engine is a combination of Honda's VTEC(Variable Valve Timing and Electronic Lift Control) with VTC(Valve Timing Control), to optimise intake valve timing in response to engine load. The 2.4-liter engine combines high torque and high fuel economy with low emissions capable of meeting Euro-4 emission standards. Power output is a more than adequate 160ps and the torque figure is an equally respectable 218Nm. Which means swift progress can be enjoyed effortlessly at the tap of the accelerator.
During the low RPM operations, i-VTEC mechanism halts one of the two intake valves to a respectable highly efficient combustion of 12.2Km / L(10.15 Mode)



"Ultra Low Emission" significantly below than the authorized level


High Torque and Highest Power Output 2.4L DOHC i-VTEC(147Kw [200ps] /232Nm [23.7 Kg m](Absolute)

A combination of VTC on the adopted mechanism VTEC to the intake and exhaust, to control continuously depending on engine load phase of the intake valve timing, the core i-VTEC system Valve Timing and Lift Intelligence, high by applying the tuning of the intake and exhaust system further, high combustion efficiency throughout. 147KW [200PS] / 232N-M [23.7Kg-M] ※ with an overwhelming performance with sharp response from the drive-by-wire technology. Also excellent environmental performance, (10.15 mode) 11.0km / L Moreover ※ with to achieve low fuel consumption - certified "excellent low-emission".





The onboard Sensor Control coupled with Linear A/F sensor in high precision air fuel control with high atomizing injectors results in cleaner burning fuel. The heat loss is minimized by using low-heat mass exhaust pipe which maximizes the effect of the catalyctic converter.

-Exhaust System Diagram

Strong Acceleration with 7 Speed CVT(Type S, M, L)
A newly developed 7 Speed CVT mated to the 118Kw[160PS] to achieve full utilization of engine power and fuel efficiency. ECON mode allows low fuel consumption at very low engine speed.

The Torque Converter Provides Crisp Response

The torque converter has a high response and strong starting acceleration. It delivers smooth acceleration on demand and provides lower fuel consumption throughout the rpm range.

-Acceleration Diagram

ECON Mode that Allows High Fuel Efficiency by Keeping Low Engine Speeds
ECON Mode allows fuel efficiency driving by lowering the optimal engine speed. This feature controls the engine, CVT, air conditioners to an extensive torque converter lockup area to increase fuel efficiency while driving.


Enjoy the S-Matic 5-speed manual(Absolute)
Adopt the S-Matic allows manual gear shifting operations of the senses to the right from D by selecting the select lever position. The cooperative control and DBW, has been both to reduce shift shock and improved response


Low Dynamic Look

Low, sharp, forceful side configuration, and powerful front fenders, and a new car pose with its unique presence.

Photo: L (FF)

Photo: Absolute (FF) lower, front view finished to look fearless.

Chrome grill shine with style, shape headlamps and subjected to thin metallic blue color scheme, fused at the lower front of the dynamic modelling.Allowing a fearless and sharp look.It also reflects the strength and feeling great wide front fenders.

Photo: L (FF) vehicles equipped with factory-installed option



IHCC (Intelligent Highway Cruise Control)

(Manufacturer's option on Absolute)

The millimeter-wave radar with excellent weather resistance located in the front grille to measure the distance between the car before running in the 100m range forward, angle of 16 degrees, by detecting the state of the vehicle traveling speed by using sensor and yaw rate sensor. Similar with normal cruise control, additional features to keep the speed set is possible by automatically control the vehicle speed by detecting the presence or absence of the car in front of the same lane.

■ System configuration of IHCC


Multi Information Display

 (Manufacturer's option on Absolute)

 Included in the display in addition to IHCC and CMS Statuses, are various warning messages.


The main 
display item
Operating status IHCC CMS operating status And warning messages
Display cases IHCC CMS FAR WELCOME!AFSCheck the airbag system
Display contents -State system 
and set vehicle speed 
vehicle and set 
existence before-propelled car 
alarm, vehicle
Status and system 
status and alarm setting 
(in 5 seconds off) 
alarm · CMS
warning the various

Honda HDD Navigation System with Rear Camera and Voice Recognition

 (Manufacturer's option on M,L and Absolute)


The Honda Navigation System adopting an 8" large display monitor.Taking advantage of high speed processing and large capacity hard disk, this is a system with navigation aide and voice recognition features. Included are the Sound Container to store music. internavi


Rear Entertainment System

 (Manufacturer's option on M,L and Absolute)


Dedicated 9" retractable display unit with a dedicated TV and DVD player. Included with the package are two wireless headphones supporting 5.1 channel audio, with remote control.


Acculief Premium Sound System(with in dash AM/FM tuner CD Changer + 7 Speakers)

 (Manufacturer's option on M,L and Absolute)


Premium quality speakers and a sub woofer (50W × 5ch) 250W power amplifier utilizing Linear Amplification Power Transistor technology acculief


Rear Camera System

 (Manufacturer's option on M,L and Absolute)


Rear Camera with Guidelines assist drivers for rear view parking situation. In addition the camera is housed neatly in the tailgate garnish.

Honda Smart Card Key System

 (Manufacturer's option on M,L and Absolute)


Standard Keyless Entry with immobilizer which could be operated to open doors and luggage compartment.
[Unlocking the door.] sensor detects the inner door handle and holds the door handle. Unlock the authentication ID in an instant. [Locking the door] down from the car and lock automatically when closed the door away from the area authentication. [Ignition operation] ID authentication is performed by pressing the knob on the ignition switch. You can stop / start the engine as well as the normal key.

■ Honda Smart Card Key System certification area

card1 card2


Heated Windscreen

 (Manufacturer's option on M,L and Absolute)


Windscreen heaters removes snow and ice from the wiper with a 15-minute timer which automatically turns off after activated. wscreen


Raindrop Detector

 (Standard on L)


Infrared sensors detect raindrops which controls the wiper speed automatically based on the amount of rain fall detected.You can also adjust the sensitivity on the volume dial on the wiper lever. wiper


Water-repellent glass / door mirrors + Heated front door hydrophilic

 (Standard on M,L and Absolute)


To ensure clear vision, the glass door and water repellent door mirrors have built in heaters to overcome haze build up. sidemirror


Automatic light control

 (Manufacturer's option on M,Standard equipment on L and Absolute)


Automatic lights detects environmental brightness which aided the driver during driving. afs


AFS(Adaptive Front Lighting System

(Manufacturer's option on M,L and Absolute)

The AFS functions by following the movement of the steering wheel. It operates at speeds above 5km/h. The light also adjust it's tilt according to passenger load to minimize glare to incoming traffic.

■ AFS Structure

■ AFS Light Distribution

Major equipment
Is standard equipment
Is a manufacturer's option
Type S M L Absolute Standard equipment for all types
Drive system FF 4WD FF 4WD FF 4WD FF 4WD
Safety equipment
I-SRS airbag system for driver's seat and passenger seat
ELR / ALR 3-point seat second row seat belt ※ 6 (child seat locking mechanism)
ELR seat belt 3-point third-row seat
Foot parking brake
Door beams
Indoor flame retardants
High-mounted stop lamp
Warning buzzer and warning light seat belt tightening forget the driver's seat (with seat belt reminder)
Child proof
I-side air bag system for a front row seat (with passenger seat occupant position detection function) ◎ ※ 1 ◎ ※ 1 ◎ ※ 1 ※ 2
Side curtain air bag system (corresponding sheet in column 1 to 3) ◎ ※ 1 ◎ ※ 1 ◎ ※ 1 ※ 2
Row seat a neck shock mitigation ● ※ 2
Lap pretensioner driver's seat ELR seat belt pre-tensioners with load limiters + 3-point seat first column
With EBD ABS (electronic brake force distribution system) + Brake Assist (four-wheel anti-lock brake system) ● Electronically controlled Brake Assist with learning function
VSA (suppression skid ABS + TCS +)      
Collision Mitigation Brake (CMS) + E-pretensioner ※ 2 ※ 3 (passenger / driver seat)      
Private bar fixed child seat tether anchors corresponding ISO FIX + (second row left and right seat) (second row left and right seat)
AFS <Adaptive Front Lighting System> (with auto-leveling)   ◎ ※ 4 ※ 5
Discharge headlights <HID> (low beam)  
Comfortable equipment
IHCC <Intelligent Highway Cruise Control> + multi-information display ※ 2 ※ 3      
Tilt steering
(With anti-pinch mechanism driver's seat w / lighting switch) Power window
Driver's seat door switch lighting
Power door locks (linked to tailgate)
Rear heater duct
LCD twin trip meter (with instantaneous fuel consumption display function / fuel consumption / average outside temperature)
Ignition key illumination
Forgot to remove the ignition key warning buzzer
Integrated Remote Keyless Entry key (2)
Forgetting to turn off warning light buzzer
Release the parking brake warning buzzer forget
Cruise control (with steering wheel switch lighting)     ● ※ 7
Honda · HDD navigation system with voice recognition + progressive Commander Rear camera 
※ 8 ※ 9 ※ 10 ※ 16 (for 8-inch wide display / Inter-Premium Club)
  ◎ ※ 11 ◎ ※ 12 ◎ ※ 5
Rear entertainment system (9-inch widescreen display / individual wireless headphones 2) ※ 8 ※ 10   ◎ ※ 13 ◎ ※ 2
※ 9 ※ 10 ※ 14 CD player with AM / FM tuner   ◎ ※ 11 ● ※ 12 ◎ ※ 5
Premium Sound System <Akyurifu> (dash with AM / FM tuner CD changer +7 speakers Renso 6) ※ 10 ※ 14 ※ 16     ◎ ※ 12 ※ 13 ◎ ※ 4 ※ 5
Speaker   ● 4 speakers ※ 9 ● 6 speakers ※ 15 ● 6 speakers ※ 15
Audio remote control switch ※ 14 (with lighting)   ◎ ※ 9 ● ※ 12 ◎ ※ 9
ECON switch        
(With prevention mechanism, jamming remote control retractable) power tailgate   ◎ ※ 1 ◎ ※ 12  
Glass electric front sunroof ※ 8   ◎ ※ 1 ◎ ※ 12 ◎ ※ 2
Keyless entry systems radio wave equation (with function / answer back feature welcome lamp)
Power steering with variable gear ratio steering
Power utility package
Honda Smart Card Key System   ◎ ※ 8 ◎ ※ 2 ※ 4 ※ 5 ※ 8
AC100V power supply
8-way power driver's seat (front and rear slide / recline / height)
Front full auto air conditioner      
Air conditioning front + rear full auto manual cooler    
Comfort Package
Triple-zone air conditioning ※ 17 full auto control   ◎ ※ 4 ※ 5
Auto light control
Heat enters the front window
Kurinfiruta air ● ※ 17   ● ※ 17
High-performance deodorizing air Kurinfiruta   ◎ ※ 17 ◎ ※ 17
Independent air conditioning outlet for the second column, 3 row seat  
Three-dimensional self-illuminating meter (with illumination control) ● Blue lighting ● Blue lighting ● Blue lighting ● Red lighting
Sports seats (in the first column)
Glove box lighting
Coin pocket
Front door pockets
Courtesy lamp (front / rear)
Seat headrests second row (left and right seat)
Third row seat headrests
Sunglasses box
Room lamp for independent left and right row seat / 2 the first column
Lamp room for third row of seats
Luggage room lamp
(Driver's seat with seat back pocket seat heater / front passenger seat and driver seat) leather seat *     ◎ ※ 12 beige Black ◎ ※ 2 ※ 5
Driver's seat height adjuster seat ● Ratcheting ● Ratcheting ● 8-way power seat ● ※ 2 ratchet
Recaro bucket seats ※ 1 ※ 2 ※ 4 (passenger / driver seat)      
Seat armrest first column ● adjustable angle ● ※ 2 adjustable angle
The second column seat center armrest (with cup holders)
Electric under-floor third-row seat storage   ◎ ※ 1 ◎ ※ 2
Sheet table center column 1 ※ 10 (w / cup holder folding)   ● ※ 11 ● ※ 18 woodgrain ● ※ 18 woodgrain
Passenger seat back pocket ● ※ 2
Leather-wrapped steering wheel     ● Combi 4 spoke woodgrain ● 3 spoke
AT select lever leather-wrapped      
Aluminum pedal pad (accelerator, brake) and made of aluminum footrest      
※ 18 woodgrain instrument panel
※ 18 woodgrain front door panel
※ 18 woodgrain rear panel    
Side pocket / cup holder for the third row of seats (with the shutter on the left) ● ※ 18 woodgrain ● ※ 18 woodgrain
Blue illumination      
Rear door pockets (Upper / Lower) ● With shutter (Upper) ● With shutter (Upper)
Sun visor with vanity mirror for driver's seat and front passenger seat ● With lighting ● With lighting
Chrome-plated inner door handles  
Tailgate step side step garnish garnish made of stainless steel & stainless    
Fog lights      
Same color tailgate spoiler body
Printed antenna
Rear intermittent wiper
Hot-wire rear window Defogga
Coloured headlight sub-reflector (outer / inner) ● Dark Blue / Blue Green ● Dark Blue / Blue Green ● Dark Blue / Blue Green ● Dark Grey / Blue
Same color bumpers Body ● With chrome plated Mall ● With chrome plated Mall ● With chrome plated Mall  
Front and rear bumper aero-dynamics-only Absolute (with front-Roasu cart)       ● Body same color
Side sill garnish ● Black ● Body same color ● Body same color  
Aero side sill garnish only Absolute Dynamics       ● Body same color
Side moldings ● chrome plating ● chrome plating ● chrome plating ● Body same color
Outer door handle ● chrome plating ● chrome plating ● chrome plating ● Dark chrome plating
Smoke-type rear combination lamps      
UV cut glass full heat-ray absorption
Shade half the front window    
Privacy glass (rear doors / rear quarter / tailgate)  
/ Hydrophilic Heated door mirrors  
Water-repellent front door glass  
Remote control electric retractable door mirrors (with lighting switch) ● Black ● Body same color ● Body same color ● Body same color
Conjunction with vehicle speed intermittent front wiper (with mechanism / variable intermittent mist) ● sensing and raindrops
Related mechanisms driving
DBW <drive-by-wire>      
Rear disc brake
4-wheel double wishbone suspension
Stabilizer (front / rear)
Absolute only suspension      
Twin silencer
Ventilated front disc brake ● 15 インチ ● 15 インチ ● 15 インチ ● 16 インチ
Tire / wheel
Steel radial tire 215/60R16
Steel wheels (16 × 6 1/2JJ) + full wheel caps    
Aluminum wheels (16 × 6 1/2JJ)      
Aluminum wheels only Absolute (17 × 7JJ)      


※ 1 "Side-curtain air bag system" and "i-side air bag system for the first column sheet" will be the manufacturer's option in the set. Simultaneous wearing "glass sunroof Front" "power tailgate", M is, with "electric under-floor third-row seat storage" can not be also. 
Absolute is installed simultaneously with the "Recaro bucket seats" can not be.
※ 2 "Recaro bucket seats" is installed simultaneously with the following equipment is not allowed. 
● leather, glass sunroof ● Power utility package ● electric sheet ● CMS + E-pre-tensioners ● IHCC ● rear entertainment system ● Front Row a shock absorbing neck i-side air bag systems ● Side-curtain air bag system ● For sheet first column armrest seat height adjuster front row seat ● ● 1 driver's seat seat seat back pocket store ● underfloor electric passenger seat front row seat ● 3 (adjustable angle)
※ 3 "IHCC" and "CMS + E-pretensioner" will be the manufacturer's option in the set.
※ 4 If you are attached to the Absolute "Premium Sound System", will be fitted simultaneously with one of the following equipment. 
● bucket seats manufactured by power utility package ● AFS + + Recaro Comfort Package
※ 5 If you are attached to the Absolute to "leather seats" will be installed simultaneously and one of the following equipment. 
● CD Player Premium Sound System ● AFS + + + Power utility package Comfort package with Honda · HDD navigation system ● AM / FM tuner with rear camera voice recognition
※ 6 Left and right seat. The central two-point seat manual.
※ 7 Will be integrated to function, "IHCC" If you install a "IHCC".
※ 8 "Rear entertainment system", can be installed If you install a "Honda · HDD navigation system with rear camera voice recognition." In that case, will be installed simultaneously with the "power utility package." Simultaneous wearing with "electric glass sunroof Front" also is not allowed.
※ 9 If you install a "Honda · HDD navigation system with rear camera speech recognition", will be installed also "audio remote control switches" and Absolute is M. In that case, will be integrated to function "Honda · HDD navigation system with rear camera speech recognition" "CD player with AM / FM tuner" is. Also, if fitted with a "CD player with AM / FM tuner" and "Honda · HDD navigation system with rear camera speech recognition" to M, 4 speakers will be six speakers.
※ 10 "Seat center table the first column" if fitted with a "rear entertainment system" is a collapsible retractable, specifications and will be fixed. If you install one of the "premium sound system" "CD player with AM / FM tuner", "Honda · HDD navigation system with voice recognition Rear Camera" In addition, the specification will be different.
※ 11 If you install the M "CD player with AM / FM tuner" or "Honda · HDD navigation system with rear camera speech recognition" "seat center table the first column" will be woodgrain. At that time, color-pattern is different depending on interior color.
※ 12 You can also select (-4.0 million yen) is not attached specification "(standard) CD player with AM / FM tuner." At that time, "Premium Sound System" "Honda · HDD navigation system with rear camera voice recognition (1)", "leather seats" can not be installed. Simultaneous wearing of the "glass sunroof Front" (2) "power tailgate" can not be. (3) "audio remote control switch" is not installed.
※ 13 L can be installed simultaneously in the "Premium Sound System" and "rear entertainment system" can not be.
※ 14 Simultaneous wearing of the "Premium Sound System" and "CD player with AM / FM tuner" can not be. Will be installed also "audio remote control switch" If you install one also.
※ 15 If you install a "premium sound system", will be seven speakers.
※ 16 If you install the same time "Honda · HDD navigation system with rear camera speech recognition" and "Premium Sound System", CD changer will be 1CD/DVD Renso six players.
※ 17 If you install a "triple-zone air conditioning control full auto", will be "high-performance deodorizing air Kurinfiruta" "air Kurinfiruta" is.
※ 18 Color-pattern is different depending on interior color.
* You are using a synthetic leather part.
Manufacturer's option are subject depending on the combination can not be installed simultaneously. Might become attached to the manufacturer and set several other options also.
Equipment are subject to change without notice and this specification. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
Delivery is different type, color, due to options.


Major Characteristics
Type S M L Absolute
Drive system FF 4WD FF 4WD FF 4WD FF 4WD
Model-car name Honda- 
Stepless automatic transmission (with 7-speed mode)          
5-speed automatic (with S-Matic)      
Seating capacity, weight, dimensions
Length (m) 4.765
Width (m) 1.800
(M) Height 1.550 1.570 1.550 1.570 1.550 1.570 1.550 1.570
Wheelbase (m) 2.830
Tread front / rear (m) 1.560/1.560
Minimum ground clearance (m) 0.155 0.150 0.155 0.150 0.155 0.150 0.155 0.150
Vehicle weight (kg) 1,610 1,660 1,620 1,670 1,660 1,700 1,640 1,690
Maximum vehicle weight (kg)  1,620 1,670 1,670 1,720 1,700 1,740 1,710 1,760
Seating capacity (name) Seven
In the room dimensions (m) 
length / width / height
2.790/1.535/1.220 (1.205 vehicles equipped with sunroof) 2.790/1.535/1.220
Engine Type K24A
Engine type and number of cylinders, arrangement Water-cooled inline four-cylinder horizontally oriented
Valve system 2 intake 2 exhaust DOHC chain drive
Total displacement (cm 3 ) 2,354
Inner diameter × stroke (mm) 87.0 × 99.0
Compression ratio 9.7 10.5
Form fuel supply system Electronically controlled fuel injection (Honda PGM-FI)
Fuel type used Regular unleaded gasoline Unleaded premium 
Fuel tank capacity (L) 65 60 65 60 65 60 65 60
Maximum output (kW [PS] / rpm) * 118 [160] / 5,500 147 [200] 6,800 140 [190] / 6,800
Maximum torque (N · m [kg · m] / rpm) * 218 [22.2] / 4,500 232 [23.7] / 4,500 228 [23.2] / 4,500
Driving fuel consumption rate (km / L) 10.15 Mode (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport examination value) 12.2  11.2  12.2  11.2  12.2  11.2  11.0 10.6
Major measures to improve fuel economy
Variable valve timing
CVT automatic (CVT)          
Torque converter with lock-up function      
Minimum turning radius (m) 5.4
Power transmission equipment, traveling
Transmission gear ratio
CVT Advance 2.470 to 0.450 (with manual mode) - 2.470 to 0.450 (with manual mode) - 2.470 to 0.450 (with manual mode) - - -
Recession 1.735 - 1.735 - 1.735 - - -
5AT A speed - 2.651 - 2.651 - 2.651 2.651
2-speed - 1.516 - 1.516 - 1.516 1.516
3-speed - 1.081 - 1.081 - 1.081 1.081
4-speed - 0.772 - 0.772 - 0.772 0.772
5-speed - 0.566 - 0.566 - 0.566 0.566
Recession - 2.000 - 2.000 - 2.000 2.000
Reduction ratio 5.072 (Front) 4.437 (after) 2.562 5.072 (Front) 4.437 (after) 2.562 5.072 (Front) 4.437 (after) 2.562 4.437 (Front) 4.437 (after) 2.562
Steering device format Rack and pinion (power steering specification)
Tires (front and rear) 215/60R16 95H 215/55R17 93V
Format of the main brake-type (front / rear) Hydraulic disk Ventilated disc / hydraulic (built-in parking brake drum)
Suspension system (front and rear) Double wishbone
Stabilizer format (before and after) Torsion bar Torsion bar (hard type)


※ The maximum vehicle weight is if you install a combination of the manufacturer's option. Each combination of weight attached, please contact the sales company.
* Is the net value. And "net" is almost the same conditions was measured in a state of the engine mounted on a vehicle.
As a new unit, in "kW" from the "PS" output has been switched to "N · m" from "Kg · m" torque.
Fuel consumption rate is the value of the test under the conditions stipulated. At the time of actual driving, so you have this condition is different (weather conditions, road, vehicle, operation, and maintenance), fuel consumption rate will vary accordingly.
★ marked vehicle will be subject to green taxation (tax incentives promote the spread of fuel-efficient and low emission vehicles). (Until March 31, 2004) provided by the automobile acquisition tax relief measures at the time of purchase. 
In addition, (for the car new car registration until March 31, 2004) You will receive tax relief for the next fiscal year of purchase of car.
Main Specifications Model is a number written application for designation by the Road Vehicles Act.
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