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Welcome to the Official Website of Malaysia Honda Odyssey Owners Club - FAQ

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Written by Raja Faizal. Posted in Join Us

I want to join this club but I see there are few other Odyssey clubs in Malaysia out there. Whats the difference between this club and others?

First of all we are the only officially registered club with Registrar of Societies (ROS) of Malaysia. Other clubs or probably more accurately communities are not affiliated with us nor officially registered but we have no problems if you want to join them as well as us. It is not against our Club's Constitution. As long as you're happy making friends and get some info on this 'beast' we are happy. Of course we would be happier if you want to be part of our family.

So by being 'official', does it confer this club any advantage?

Yes of course it does!
First financially you know whatever money you're paying to the club will have to be managed well as the money will go the club's account and every year during Annual General Meeting (AGM), financial statement will be presented and can be questioned by official members. Auditors will be and have been appointed to monitor this. Despite me saying this I'm not accusing any of those non-official clubs or communities to be dishonest but that is the risk that we can avoid. We will try our level best to avoid using personal account for money deposited to the club for clubs' activities.Secondly you can be assured that the chances of our programs to obtain media and/or financial support from third parties/companies will be very good. This has been proven with our recent Krabi Ukhwah Odyssey (Family Day) 2012. More details about this trip can be found in our forum.

Heard that there are other clubs or communities out there claiming that they are the first original club. What is your say on this?

Well to be honest with you, this is an irrelevant point because our aim is not to become the first or original club. Our aim is to make friends (definitely not enemies!), enjoy the car, enjoy each other company with our families (its a family car after all), mix them altogether and maybe to get some 'poison' to be infused into our minds and then to our cars for those with deep-pockets.
But if we really want to argue some of our members were part of the original group. Again we want to stress here that being the first and original is not something we want to fight for. We fight for your happiness, Agenda Event Otomotif making friends and get info about the car. And we put utmost importance on activities besides providing info and support for your 'beast'. If you're looking for that we are more than happy to accept you to our club but if you're looking for the original or the first Odyssey community we can provide you with more info on this.

So what kind of activities that you're talking about?

We have a lot of sports events such as futsal games with other automative clubs and paintball games. These are the two famous ones. Some of our members are avid badminton players and go-kart drivers.
We also at times have karaoke sessions which so far are males only (ladies are welcomed to organize their sessions).
CSR programs are also our 'bread and butter' programs such as visits to orphanage, breaking fast with them during Ramadhan, giving donations to mosque under construction and others. Of course whats an automative club without its famous TT (teh tarik) sessions. But then we want to be different and unique thus although TTs are still important, we put more emphasis on those other activities that I have mentioned before.

So far so good. Definitely no problem if I want to join these other communities and your club at the same time?

Man, definitely ok! We want you to make friends and be happy. Some people probably happier with communities as being in a club you have to attend AGMs and it is more formal. But by doing this you get more in terms of support and recognition. It is really your choice but definitely we wont ostracize you if you're part of these communities. We can't say the same for these communities as we don't know their policies. You can check with them. All we ask once you're part of us is to give a little commitment to the club by joining its activities which are plenty so that you can choose what you like. That's all.